The speech is the dirt that covers the truth.
It is supposed when man speaks, to try to put the logical meaning in the words.
And what actually man does is that he puts the words as a logical meaning.
(Do you get me?)

Very often I read in this forum the statement “perfect saying” or “perfect thought”.
But how do you know whether is “perfect” or not.
Do you know what is perfection??? Are you perfect?
Because only then you can define something as perfect.
So… when you say “perfect” you do really think it, but it is “perfect” only according to your knowledge.
Well, that doesn’t stop you from being deceived about the perfection…

Instead of saying “it is perfect” man should say “it looks/sounds perfect to me”.
And not using this form of self expressing, man gets in to imperfection.

About the PRESENCE…

Not messing you up with spiritual blah-blah, I will say that even scientifically the “present” moment is PAST moment.
I think that I even explained it ones in this forum.

Now when you read this post from your monitor, the light needs time to go in to your pupil/s 🙂
And then there is need of time for the signal to travel to the brain, and… you know…
So, what you see is PAST. It is the same with all your senses.
Therefore man is all the time in the PAST.
There is One True Present moment which is all the time in a move.
That is the moment when you realize the event.
And if you could stop in that moment you will not see the past, because it is “dead”, “gone”, “past”.
You will not see the future, because it does not exists.
What you will “see”, will be only You who watches the Life of Its Self.

Do you understand that?
OK, if you do understand it, then you will understand me when I say that Enlightenment is for the gullible man.
How could you enlighten your self if everything is already done/past?
If you are the One who Watches the Life, you would do/prepare that “moment” of the Enlightenment before you come HERE, to fill with Life.
I hope that you understand me.

The only think that man can do is, to have his life with Joy.
Do not judge nobody and nothing.
Take everything as it is.
You are threat in the Rug of the weaver.
Give your best color to the Rug, and feel comfortable with all the interwoven threats.
Do not judge the path of the shuttle.
Do not judge the Weaver.

If you do all this, when you leave the world of Motion you will wake up as the Weaver.

Do not stay focused in anything, even in my words above.

Be Tender.
Be Silent.
Be Joyful.

What is that?
Is it something like your “perfection”?


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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