It is difficult to understand the predetermination if you look at it, as a point in the future.
Imagine it, as a present moment.


First we must discus the nature of THIS place (The Universe)
No… I’m just giving you my understanding.

What I think is The Universe…
It is (inter)RELATIONS*.
Relations come out from the motion of the thing, which we call matter.
Matter is motion.
Matter is space.
Light as a matter is everywhere in The Universe.
The (inter)relations between the processes of motion(matter) is TIME.
Time and Space are in relations, and that is Man Universe. (Which you can observe)
(As you can see, Time appears from the relations in the matter, and as such it goes in relations with the matter from which it appears)
There is no Time and Space as separate things.
They exist only in relations, and this is what we call Universe.
Time it self is product of The Consciousness.
Space too.
Why do I say “product of The Consciousness”?
Because the RELATIONS are mental appearances.
The Universe as RELATIONS is mental appearance of The Consciousness, where it exists.
Man is part of the relations.
And as such he is dependant of them.
This is the bound put in the Universe – RELATIONS.

What is man?
Man is that thing, which can interpret the relations.
Man’s brain does not think. It interprets the relations.
Brain is receptor (perceiver) of The Consciousness, in which the relations appear.
Interpreting, man grows as Self.
Self is Will.
Your will depends on the interpretations.
If you follow this dependency, you will see that every present moment is a consequence of the previous moment.
So it is predetermined moment.
Your will is predetermined from the sequence of moments. And that is your Life.
Your birth is consequence of your parents will, which comes from their interpretations of the RELATIONS.
Here in the RELATIONS, man can not see their end.
But that end exists, because it is the last point of the sequence.
If you are able to avoid your mind from interpreting the RELATIONS, you will get out of their dependency, out of the Universe, and will be able to see future points in the line of the consequences.
Some time I do get out of The Relations, and I can see future points.
You can also do that. (At least try)
The way is called MEDITATION.

And NOW…
Predetermination is not in a future point of your life. It is in the present moment, which is predetermined from the previous one.
This present moment is your will.
Choice has the name “If”. But “if” doesn’t exist. It only exists the moment of the manifested will, which comes as a consequence of the previous moment.
Your WILL is predetermined, and therefore your deeds are predetermined too.
Can you change it?
Everything is in your will, which means – PREDETERMINED.

*In this writing I use for “interrelations” the word “relations”. You must stay in between both.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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