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Dear Lonelyguide,

I don’t understand what is bringing up the “misunderstanding” word.

What is it all about?
I don’t have problem with people’s understanding.
Everything is like it is, and this is the way it has to be.

Taking my side in the talk about the time, I clearly underline that “My understanding is that Time is relation appeared in The Consciousness.”
We never argue about this subject. I didn’t expect to convince you in my understanding, and hoped that you didn’t expect it from your side too.

If I have to tickle up your intellectual ability in the scientific field, I would ask you:

Let’s imagine that matter stops its motion.
Everything is immovable.
Nothing grows, nothing gets older, and nothing dies.
No leaf is moving, no air is breezing.
Nothing moves, nothing changes.
The smallest particle in the matter doesn’t spin.
You too as perceiver of the immovable world are immovable.
It was always like that, and it will always be that way.
Then what the “time” will be?

But we know that to stop the motion in the matter is to “dissolve” it.
And if there is no matter, will we need time?

Will then Time exist?
Isn’t Time a relation, which appears from the motion of the matter?
Being relation, isn’t Time “product” of the Consciousness?
Isn’t it mental make-up?

And here is the place to give you credit for the contribution in the discussion, Lonelyguide.
In man, as an interpreter of The Consciousness, time exist in as many ways, as many personalities there are in the world.
I don’t know how the time runs for you. As I don’t know how do you see red color. The same is only the name for the color. The same is only the “Time” name.
The Earth goes in circles around the sun, but how “fast” is that for you, and how “slow” is it for me?
Do you know how I feel the length of the days?

I’m giving you just an example. It is something LIKE that.

Let us not bring here details and hypothesis from the science.
I don’t see the subject as ve-e-ery important.
In fact, it is not important at all.

Now, Lonelyguide I’d like to close this discussion.
If you insist to hold it up, I’ll have to give up, and acknowledge you as superior than me intellectual power.

And it can not be otherwise.
I’m just a musician, working as carpenter. 🙂


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come ↔ To My Self I Return

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