Do you remember, in my first article I said that the base of every manipulation is “I WANT”?
Some of you may ask, how “I WANT” covers the feeling and emotions from “the trinity formation”.
It is simple:

  • human love wants intimacy
  • hatred wants punishment
  • envy wants failure
  • hunger wants satiety
  • etc

There is nothing in humans nature that stays out of “I WANT”.
Use it in the right way and you’ll be The Master.

In the previous article we were substituting the words and changing the meanings.
Let see how else can we use the words.

Let us join the words.
Well, it is normal to join words in phrases and sentences, but we must join them in a way which will serve us to manipulate.
The best manipulation uses words with best values.
The trick is to emty the words from their value and put our value.

Let see how can we do it.

“I respect your rights of privacy”
“I respect your right to have your opinion”

Normal and very popular phrases.
Nothing wrong with them.
Of course you can not see anything wrong here.
You MUST NOT see anything wrong.

“respect”, “rights”, “privacy”, “own opinion” – words full of high values and joined in very proper way…

But why must I respect your RIGHT to have privacy or own opinion!?
The answer is simple: because this is the only way to respect the low, not the person.
I don’t actually respect you, but the law that is giving you that rights.

Why not say “I respect you” and that will include all personal rights.
That wouldn’t be manipulation, and would bring all high values in one place – the person in you and the one in front of you.
The values must be in the hand of the manipulator.

Just say it: “I respect your right to…”
Do you feel the distance from the person you are talking to?

Perfect manipulation: respect the law (which I gave you), not the man!

The man to whom the high values must be applied, is replaced by the law.
You are twisted to apply high values not to the person, but to the law.
You did not even notice, when did you stop to notice, the person in front of you.
All which you hold in your mind, is the law.

Now, some of you would say, that the above phrases are not intentionally served to the public, from some manipulator.
It would be very hard argument for me to refute.
I wouldn’t even try.
The beauty of the manipulation is that when I start the sentence you will finish it up for me.
Then you are the author and no one can blame me for what you said.

I gave you the right to choose.
You have the right to choose.
If you blame me for your words and deeds, you will prove yourself as stupid and ignorant marionette.

But how did you come to the phrase that serves me best!?
I brought you there.
I started it and you finished it for me.

I said (many, many, many times):
you have the right
you have a choice
I respect
(I’ve never joined “respect” with person, but only with values)

One day you said, that you “respect the right to…” and since then I’ve never stopped to remind you what did you say.
Since that day you threw the person out of your respect and put the law in it.

Now you know that I (the manipulator) can substitute and join words in a way to twist your values and logic.

I know that you don’t agree with me, because you know that it is your own will and understanding…
You are not that stupid and ignorant.

I know…

If I come to you, telling you that you were kidnapped, injected with drugs and made to do horrible things, you would say: “Really!? What did they make me do?”

Now I’m telling you what did they make you do, how did they do it and how do they still do it.

What else can we do with the words?
We can create a symbol.
We can make the word sounds different and bring you to feelings and emotions that we need you to have.
We can twist the word.

Let’s twist a word.
We will say it countless times and it will twist.
We will twist it so much that we will squeeze the pure meaning out of it.

Deu 5:11 Thou shalt not take (utter) the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

Free man
Free country
Free nation
Free states
Free will

Why do you hear it so often?
It is like some one wants to make sure that you believe it.
Some one wants to make sure that you are grateful for that.
Some one wants to make sure that you know that your freedom is given to you.
Some one wants you to be debtor for your freedom.
When he say the first word, you will finish the sentence.
When he calls you, you will come forward.

If you want to twist a word, say it countless times.

to be continued…


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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