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  • You are fired! You actually mind manipulating yourself.

    Have you ever been fired? Have you been threaten to be fired? Did you ever considered been fired as a threat? Why? This is not “Mind manipulation (9)”. Let see how did we come to the point of self manipulation.

  • Mind manipulation (6)

    So, where we were? Creating symbols for mind manipulation. Before we go further in the mind manipulation, I’d like to get clear about one thing: what you see, read, hear and feel is not what it really is. Even these articles are not exactly what they look like. On a first thought they may look […]

  • Mind manipulation (5)

    Today is Palm ‘Sunday, the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem and I’ll not write anything about the mind manipulation. Coincidently this article happen to be the 5th one – the number of The Teacher. What happened on this day? Joh 12:12 On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they […]

  • Mind manipulation (4)

    We learned how to substitute the words, how to twist them and make them empty of values. We learned how to change the values of the words. Now we’ll learn how to create symbol out of word. That is a little more tricky, because we must first know how to join them in the best […]

  • Mind manipulation (3)

    Do you remember, in my first article I said that the base of every manipulation is “I WANT”? Some of you may ask, how “I WANT” covers the feeling and emotions from “the trinity formation”. It is simple: human love wants intimacy hatred wants punishment envy wants failure hunger wants satiety etc There is nothing […]