We learned how to substitute the words, how to twist them and make them empty of values.
We learned how to change the values of the words.
Now we’ll learn how to create symbol out of word.

That is a little more tricky, because we must first know how to join them in the best way.
Let’s take the “freedom” word.
Now we join this word with the “world” word.
And here we go: “Free world”.
Do you know that symbol?
Of course you know it.
That is “the world of the free democracy …oops, another symbol.
If you follow the above link to Wikipedia, you’ll see that “democracy” means “rule by the people”.
Of course the people won’t rule against themselves and create none freedom.
But to say FREE DEMOCRACY is so manipulative that the manipulator won’t miss the chance to use it.

“Free democracy” and “free world” are extremely EMPHATIC.
They imply not only freedom, but also lack of freedom out of our democracy and world, which makes us best in the freedom.

What do you say?
Isn’t it beautiful manipulation?
Oh, this is one of my favorites.

When we say “free democracy” and “free world” we also say that there is a world out there, which is not free and which is without democracy (like our).
So we are geting considered about that world (which is not free), and we start to make plans how to get care of it.
We must bring our freedom to the whole world, even if we have to spill our blood on foreign shores.

Don’t say that I’m going too far.
It is not me.
It is the “free democracy” that took the world to the bloodshed (spilled blood).

If you are not a citizen of the free world with free democracy, you would know how difficult it is to get in the airplane, and visit the free world. You need visa.
If you are a citizen of the free world, you’ll know how difficult it is to get on the airplane and visit the none free world. You need money.
How it comes that most of the citizens of the free world don’t have money and most of the citizens of the none free world are not permitted in the free world?
Well, that’s not the point.
The point is that we have ONE free world and the rest of the world.
That free world can be in many places, where the citizens don’t have money to see the none free world.

No, don’t you even think that they are not free to see the rest of the world.
They are… wait, you have your point here.
They WOULD be FREE if they had the money.
O-o, here is the manipulative result: we gave you freedom, but you are limiting it with your poverty.
Well, not actually poverty, because you have TV, washing machine, car, house …on credit.

That is the problem -> your poverty.
That is why we give you credit.
We give you lots of credit.
And you don’t have choice, but to stay stuck in your freedom.
Credit is good.
It makes you dependent on your freedom.
You don’t have to plan your life.
We plan it for you.
We know how to plan the credits in order to keep you on the track.
You don’t have to think.
Just take the credit and stay in your freedom.

to be continued…


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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