Have you ever been fired?
Have you been threaten to be fired?
Did you ever considered been fired as a threat?

This is not “Mind manipulation (9)”.
Let see how did we come to the point of self manipulation.

I’m carpenter and I’m employed by a company.
I am payed to do carpentry.
Is that right?
What “to be payed” means?
To earn money?
If “to be payed” means “earning money”, then I am paying the company that employs me, because they earn money with my work.
Does it sound stupid to you?
I know that it does.
It sounds like kind of “I’ll fire my employer.”
How can one say that?
Now, tell me what do you do when you leave your employer by your own will?
Let say that you are not happy anymore with your employer and you resign.
How do you call that?
Why not “dismissal”?

To work for someone is to make money for him/her.
If you stop to make (pay) money for that someone, why don’t you say that you fire him/her?
If the employer decides that you are not making enough money for the company, he/she can fire you, but if you decide that the employer is not making enough money for you then you don’t fire him/her, but simply “resign”.

Why is that?

It is called “dependency”.
It is the way your weakness is expressing itself.
It is the way you give up your freedom for money.
The irony here is that the money is yours and you give up your freedom for your money.
Finally you are left with your money, dependent on the will of the one you are paying to (your employer).

Isn’t that amazing manipulative result?
The beauty of it is that nobody intended this manipulation.
You did it to yourself.


I Am Passenger Through the desert. From My Self I Come, To My Self I Return

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