The closing of topic 50/50 in Rational Responders

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We are at the point of exit which comes with the end of the arguments.
I can expect more discussions on my statement, but there is no way to refute it.
Until you prove me wrong atheists don’t have the right to claim more than 49% possibility for God’s non-existence.
Why 49%?
Wasn’t it 50/50?
It was, but not anymore.
There is no way for science to prove that brain produces awareness.
How is that?
Because any evidence must be approved by awareness.
Matter can not approve itself without awareness, while awareness is self-evident.
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Humans intellectuality grows, concepts changes as the intellectuality grows, but the truth is always present and unchanged.
Many thousand years ago Enoch talk about the observers with different words.
Then Buddha talk about the Spirit with different word and after Him Jesus talk about the Spirit and the awaken Son with different words.
Everything is known to you and it is delivered as light, sound, smell, touch and taste.
You have nothing more to observe.
Start looking for the exit.

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