You deserve it! (Mind manipulation-10)

There is proverb which says:
Every nation deserves its rulers.

I have very little visitors in my weblog and they probably started to think that I dropped the “manipulation” articles.
No, my friends.
Every study needs examples.

The TruBar project was part of the study.

If you don’t know what WordPress is, it is the engine on which my weblog runs.
It is developed by clever and bright guys and it is FREE of charge.
Somehow it happened that the users of this software started to get SPAM
Then the bright guys decided that they can stop it with another software called Akismet
Akismet is filtering system which runs on a BIG server.
You go on a weblog, and you comment.
Your comment is sent for filtering to the server on which Akismet runs.
Akismet looks at it and decides whether it is SPAM or normal comment, and then it returns answer to the blog where you comment.
The blog system decides according to Akismet’s answer to publish or not to publish your comment.