Mind manipulation (7)

As we already said, mind manipulation works with “I WANT”.
“I WANT” includes all feelings and emotions.
The more feelings and emotions you have, the more manipulative you are.
That is why the manipulator is increasing their number all the time.
Of course after you are filled with all the feelings and emotions, the manipulator must keep them alive in you.
And you are reminded all the time: REMEMBER!

After the apartheid in South Africa fell, there was Reconciliation.
I was lucky to see the final moments of the Reconciliation tribune.

Mind manipulation (4)

We learned how to substitute the words, how to twist them and make them empty of values.
We learned how to change the values of the words.
Now we’ll learn how to create symbol out of word.

That is a little more tricky, because we must first know how to join them in the best way.
Let’s take the “freedom” word.
Now we join this word with the “world” word.
And here we go: “Free world”.
Do you know that symbol?
Of course you know it.
That is “the world of the free democracy …oops, another symbol.
If you follow the above link to Wikipedia, you’ll see that “democracy” means “rule by the people”.
Of course the people won’t rule against themselves and create none freedom.
But to say FREE DEMOCRACY is so manipulative that the manipulator won’t miss the chance to use it.

Mind manipulation (3)

Do you remember, in my first article I said that the base of every manipulation is “I WANT”?
Some of you may ask, how “I WANT” covers the feeling and emotions from “the trinity formation”.
It is simple:

  • human love wants intimacy
  • hatred wants punishment
  • envy wants failure
  • hunger wants satiety
  • etc

There is nothing in humans nature that stays out of “I WANT”.
Use it in the right way and you’ll be The Master.

Mind manipulation (2)

Now, let’s be more specific about the ways mind manipulation is taking place.

No one can control my will!

Did you say that!?
I agree.
But mind manipulation is not intended to control the will.
It must give you your will.

will = desire

Mind manipulation does not use hypnosis techniques.
It uses psychological points of weakness.

People act out of desires, feelings and emotions.
Do you want them to do something, or to be something?
Form their desires, feelings and emotions, and they will do everything that you put in that “trinity formation”.

How do we form “the trinity”?
With words and symbols.