Remember what I said? – The Spirit has one only property, the capability to observe.
Of course it has self-awareness (I exist).
Through observation the spirit creates knowledge: “I observe one object, and there is one more and they are moving closer to each other”.
The knowledge “there is other existence except my existence” is created, and also the knowledge that “there are two objects which are moving closer in distance.”
Meanings and concepts are created. Later the words will be created to express the meanings and the concepts.

All we (with small exceptions) share the same way of observation, the same meanings and concepts.
We have the property of the spirit to observe and we create knowledge through it.
We have self-awareness.
Animals also have the same, but they don’t question (at least we think so) their existence.
I think that the first intelligent human thought was to question an existence – sort of “What is this and where it comes from?”.

Now, we observe that we are not the only observers, and the Universe is existent even when particular observation over it is ceased. That leads as to the conclusion that we are not the main observer.
Am I saning now that if the main observer stops its observation the Universe will disappear.
How is that possible?
As part of the Spirit we share the Spirit’s properties.
If the ability of observation is withdrawn we will not be able to observe the Universe, therefore it will not be existent for us except trough the knowledge for its past or presumably present existence.
It actually happens in similar way and it is called “death”.

The main point is the ability to observe thus creating meanings and concepts.

Let’s look in to that.

What is “existence”?
It is the state of observed object separated as different from the self-awareness.
(Do not look in the dictionaries. They suck.)
We observe objects and waves with our five senses.
We create meanings and concepts.
The weak point in the “existence” meaning is that ones we created it we started to apply it to different objects by saying “it exists” or “possibility to exist”.
We forget that existence is notion explaining presence of object in our observation.
We must not apply the “existence” word (and all words derived from it) to objects, because we speculate with it and deceive our understanding. Or at least we must be aware of the way we use it.

Is it possible the existence of rock in the middle of nowhere without being observed.
Yes it is possible and there are existing objects which we do not observe. The process of observation comes from the fact that there was existence which we were not aware off.
But we are also aware of the “existence” meaning and the question comes from that awareness.
The question wouldn’t come if we did never observe anything but only be aware of our existence without having five senses.
So, the mind speculates with created meanings.
Again: the question “is it possible existence of…?” stays in the already possible meaning “existence”.
The answer is: Yes existence is already possible because we KNOW the “existence” meaning.
From then on, everything which we already know as existent stands the possibility to exist in nowhere.
We don’t make the rock existent with our observation, because it is already existent in our understanding.
When we observe it, we will simply observe known object – matter.

The parallel with the “sound in the forest” can explain something very important.
If there was no creature to observe the sound, there was no sound but vibrations with frequencies in the approximate range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. The “sound” meaning applies only to creatures which have sense to perceive it and interpret it as”¦ sound. Otherwise there is silence.

Let’s play again with “existence” to make an explaining parallel.

We hypothetically assume that in our universe exists an entity which has no senses and has the capability to move through matter. This entity is aware of itself and the space which we call Universe. It keeps itself alive by moving through the space and matter. Actually the matter is giving (him) the energy required to keep its existence. That entity does not know that there is matter and that the matter is keeping (him) alive.

We do not exist for this hypothetic entity and the entity does not exist for us.
So, we exist and the entity exists but that existences do not interrelate and do not appear to each other.

What is the Universe?
Is it what we observe or what the hypothetical entity “observes”.
Which Universe is existent, the entity Universe or our Universe?

Because we are made from the matter which we observe does that mean that all entities in the universe are made of matter and interrelate with it as we do?

The Universe is what we observe and our senses for observation are limited to five.
The Universe except everything includes us.
All evidences are based on observation (us)

We can not have evidence of what we can not observe and… for our awareness which is self evident.

Now, back to the Spirit (God, Main Observer).
The spirit gives us the possibility to be self-aware and to be aware of existence through observation.
The Spirit’s properties are evident in us, which makes us part of the Spirit regarding its properties.
Our personalities are based on knowledge.
Our shared properties are based on the Spirit.
In that regard we are different personalities but one as part of the Spirit.
If there is God, it is in everybody as its shared properties ““ self-awareness and observation.

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