When I was in high school I got two points lower mark on physics test for saying that a dual particle (wave/matter) can not behave as wave if it is observed as particle.
Today’s quantum physics question it the way I did.

In my opening of this topic I did not want to mention the “God” word and to set you on that track.
I simply wanted to talk about the Universe which discussion and existence is only possible for us trough conscious observation and conscious discussion.

I’m quite sure that a quantum physicist will answer the question “Can we claim an occurrence of event without being observed” with “No”.
In that regard we can not say that this universe can exist without a conscious observation.
Then was it existent before to be observed?
We can not know.

If you take a deep thought you’ll probably come to the feeling that this Universe is more like a dream world which we inhabit.
That’s why I offered you to comment on the Big Bang and Guth’s theory and in the same time take a thought on my questions about them.
Instead most of you jumped in conclusions and requested from me to clarify my understanding about God.
Why would you need that?
You should comment on the Universe, not on God.

I thank to all who did comment on the subject.
I gave you an example how the limited by borders volume of the Universal mass creates unlimited Universal space in the modern Big Bang and Guth’s theories.
If we assume borders for the Universal mass in the Singularity we must assume that there was space out of the Universe, which can not be called Universal.

Why am I digging in to this?
Isn’t it easier to give my supportive evidences for God’s existence?
After all this is what most of you want.
Based on what must I give my evidences?
Based on your believe about the nature of the Universe?

What evidence about the sound and the light can I give to a person who was born blind and deaf?
You think that this is not a serious argument?

But let’s talk about God.

The religions make it simple, because they put it on belief.
Every religion has a belief about God but all religions explain it as Spirit.
My English is not good enough for definitions, but I’m sure that all of you will agree that Spirit is consciousness in non material body.

Most religions put personality in God.
God which I’m presenting is not a personality but Spirit which has one only property – capability to observe.
I used few times the “consciousness” word and I found out that it is hard for you to imagine consciousness without intelligence.
As I said few times intelligence is knowledge created in the process of separating subjects and events.
Spirit or Pure Consciousness has no knowledge, but only awareness for itself – “I exist”.
That Spirit will create intelligence only when observes subject or event which must be separated from its own existence.
Hope that the above explanation is clear enough.
Now, let see what we have as evidence for our own existence.

We are aware of our own existence as the Spirit is aware of its own existence.
Others are aware of our existence as the Spirit when separates subjects from its own existence thus creating knowledge about other existence.
We are also aware of other existences.

Except awareness what other evidence we have?
Oh, we are aware of our material bodies.
We are aware that our body needs brain through which our awareness creates personality and controls the body.
Do you have other evidences?
I don’t.
You want me to present evidence that Spirit exists.
It is self evident through your awareness.
But where did I get that Spirit from?
From the same theory you got your matter from.

– – –

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