On racism (what is racism and what makes it alive)

I am not a racist.
And I will never be.
It is not in my nature.

Eleven years ago I moved from Bulgaria to South Africa.
Here they say that the difference between racist and tourist is one week.

Well let’s talk racism.

What makes people to be racists? – The differences of course.
Some CLEVER people say that humans are not different in any way.
I say – humans are different in all the ways:
Intellectual, cultural, moral, mental, political, social, physical…
There is no such a thing like sameness.
(I use to say that we are the same in our differences)

To teach a parrot

If you are on the home page of this weblog, you will see at the very bottom of it the parable about Stupidity and Wisdom.

What does this parable say?
It says one only thing: you can not teach anybody.
(Every human is convinced and locked in his/her own knowledge.)
In order to teach, there must be understanding on the other side.
If there is understanding then there is the same knowledge.
If there is the same knowledge, then you don’t teach, but just remind the knowledge that the other side already has.
So, there is no such thing as teaching.

WordPress philosophy vs WordSeller philosophy

Today I was looking at my weblog with the eye of the developer and the philosopher.
I don’t think of myself as neither of them, but I have to be developer (don’t have money to pay for one), and most of the people take my knowledge as philosophy.

So, from these two points of view, I saw the anti-logic of humans life.

There was time when the word had value, but no price (! priceless), and all the rest was for money.
Today the word has no value but is sold for money, and things that should cost money are given for free.

How it comes!?

Homosexuality: right/wrong

I wouldn’t come to this article if I didn’t visit (after long time) Deepak Chopra’s discussion board.
There I bumped in to one of the most “sick” discussion subjects in these days – homosexuality.

Mr. Chopra seams to be one of the best psychological therapists.
Although they put him in the bunch of the enlightened people, I think that he proved him self as a very good business man.
Hm… why not “enlightened business man”…