Monday, September 28, 2020
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It is difficult to understand the predetermination if you look at it, as a point in the future. Imagine it, as a present moment. Why? First we...

Briefly for the Humility

Who am I, to be able to change something in this world? I can only change my self. The rest is by God's grace. And I do...

“perfect saying”

qualities of speech

I Am

Nothing is not. But Without Me, NOTHING IS. I Am through Whom Nothing is not. I Am through Whom The Whole IS. But I Am not “me”. I Am...


666 Man is living in three of his natures, The forth one is the truth and the Life. The forth one is your soul alive. MIRROR There is no...

The “absolute meaning”

So... Do not choose your Teacher!!! Man choice is always WRONG!!! Therefore: DO NOT CHOOSE!!! Be like a walker in the field of flowers. Enjoy it. The only...