Friday, May 20, 2022
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50/50 (Point of Exit)

The closing of topic 50/50 in Rational Responders - - - POINT OF EXIT We are at the point of exit which comes with the end of...

50/50 (Part Three)

Remember what I said? - The Spirit has one only property, the capability to observe. Of course it has self-awareness (I exist). Through observation the spirit...

50/50 (Part Two)

When I was in high school I got two points lower mark on physics test for saying that a dual particle (wave/matter) can not...

50/50 (Part One)

A week ago I had interesting conversation with the atheists on Facebook until the topic was deleted. Fine, I said, it is not first time...

Richard Dawkins DELUSION

After I did my "Dawkins experiment" I decided to go back and have a real conversation with Mr Dawkins admirers (they wouldn't like the...

The Dawkins experiment

Yesterday (28.12.2007) I decided to do The Dawkins experiment You might not see it as an experiment, but I call it like that, because if...