How difficult I Am?

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SERPIL wrote:
Truden, how much difficult u are???

How difficult I Am…?

You know… difficulty is not in intellectual conquering.
Nothing from what you deal with is difficult for your intellect.
Otherwise you would not be able to deal with it 😉

I’m carpenter.
It shouldn’t be difficult for most of you to deal with my intellectual understanding and explanations.
Not to mention that I use very basic English…

Difficulty has two aspects: understanding and acceptance.
Normally (and “normal” is always wrong) people thing that acceptance comes after the understanding.
That is VERY WRONG (anti)logical thinking.

First Answers

Lying on the lawn during my lunch time, I had my first sparks of Truth.

In the beginning I was amazed, and then the doubt came in my mind: is that truthful experience or it is some kind of illusion? If it comes in my mind isn’t it created by me?

Every question that arose in me was answered.

I was thinking: “What is That thing, which I hear in my meditations?”
The answer came: “I Am before Krassy”
(My brother’s short name is Krassy)

I doubted that I’m going crazy.
The answer came: “(Life) Begets on You”.

Egg – Breaker

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Originally posted by Maya2:
I don’t even know what question to ask!
Love – Maya

And you better don’t ask, dear Maya.

There is no reason, therefore no true answers exist.
The only true question in the Watery Abyss is “How?”
The only answer is “Love.”
Not “love”, but Love.

Letter to Ozel

Dear Ozel,

Thank you for the effort to answer my question about The Law (The Ten Commandments)

I’m very disappointed from the plain view that your church have on this subject.
Your friend George likes the sentence “Milk for the children, hard food for the grown.”
Don’t you think that your view about the Law is very milky…

I don’t say that one must not keep the ten commandments.
They are even adapted and inserted in the world’s law.
They became regulative tools of the human society.
But nothing more, my friend.

About Enlightenment

I had a dream…
The dream was that I’m dreaming.
And I knew that I’m dreaming, but I could not wake up.
Then I read somewhere that there is a fruit in the world, that can take me out of the dream.

I found it…
I found it in the hands of my Brothers.
They were staying in a circle and passing it to each other.
Every one of them when had it in his hand, took a bite from it, enjoyed it and leaved the circle.
When all of them left, the fruit was lying on the Earth with one only bite on it.