About certainty

Stupidity met Wisdom: “You claim that you are wise – she said. – Are you wise?” “Yes!” – answered Wisdom. “What makes you sure about that?” – cunningly smiled Stupidity. “They say that you are stupid. Are you stupid?” – answered with question Wisdom. “Of course not” – proudly answered Read more…

An explanation (only) of God

From Truden Web Site

Hum… I think that it is AGAIN time, to pay a little attention to the English site of Truden Web Site.
Not that there is a big interest shown from that site, but as a respect to the minority…
Oh, I know that English is always MAJORITY, but not in everything, my friends, not in everything…

What shall I say… to fill the space?
There is so much said in English that my part in the whole, with my English language will be like a drop in the ocean.
But ocean is made drop by drop, and it is drop itself.

Living in the past

From Chopra’s Message Board

I think that you guys are misinterpreting the meaning of “living in the past”.
Pity that Chopra took you on that trail…

Living in the past, is to leave with the UNDERSTANDING from your past.

Actually what NORMAL man does, is living in the past.
Having fear, is living in the past: haw would you know, what you must be afraid of, if you don’t have it from your past?
And seeing something that you don’t know from the past, you fear it too, because you don’t have the past experience to avoid it, or to fight it.

A Brief Comment of Time

“A brief comment of Time” is part of my book “Invitation for Immortality”

I am not trying to kill the physics. It has never been alive.

A brief comment of Time

Every one of us has thought about Time. We’ve seen many movies, and read a lot “scientific” books, describing Time, in many different ways. I am sure that every one of us has tried to answer the question “What is Time”. I am also sure, that we have tried to do that in minutes of droning, wondering “what to do with our time”. Of course there are people, who have taken this very seriously, and we can enjoy such a bestseller as “A brief history of Time”. With all my respects to the genius scientist Stephen W. Hawking, I would like to say, that his exercises in that field are far away from the truth. I will not go in argument with such a respected name. I will give my “A brief comment of Time”.
In his book, Stephen W. Hawking very successfully describes the Universe as an expanding balloon. I will ask you to not include the Time in this balloon. And I want you to imagine the Universe, as Г continuous material. The light is the base substance of the material, and the light is everywhere. That’s why the Universe is a continuous material with different density in the different areas.